Monday, May 26, 2014

May 12th

it was awesome seeing everyone yesterday! hayden is talking and running around, maci is making executive calls to taco bell, and grandma and grandpa riggs are still on their A game. happy mothers day again!
andddddddddddddddddd happy birthday this week mom! congrats on being birthed. we can have a double sushi week next year to celebrate. sound good? 
so yeah this week has been rough but weve learned alot. elder waddel taught alot about conversion and rescuing those who have fallen. just like arza hinckley when he went looking for the handcart companies to rescue them. · nephi 18 32 is a good one. we have alot of peple who have gone astray and dont know when theyll come back, but there is still the hope that they can and will come back. so, our focus from now on is going to be members. the lord wont allow us to baptize many people when the branch isnt ready to support them. its like throwing bricks on top of a foundation made of tooth picks and paper. it will fall. as missionaries we arent called to just baptized. the lord has made it clear that the new focus in missionary work is, on top of baptizing, retaining the ones we have, and and rescuing the ones that have gone away. so here we go!
im sorry to hear about grandma riggs. she was a very special lady. i dont think ive ever seen her without a big smile on her face, even when she was going through health problems. she was always looking to help others and always made sure everyone was taken care of, even myself as a member of her step family, she loved me and all of us the same as her literal descendents. hasta vernos con el rey.
welp. everything else was basically covered over skype, thanks for everything! the prayers, pictures, and emails. have an awesome birthday this week mom! maci. make her waffles. 
elder brown
heres some pics of me gettin on my selfy game..

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