Monday, August 12, 2013

Training. DONE.

Whats up?????
this week flewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. 
i had churros i think every day this past week but the best part for sure was when i tried chicken liver. at first when i saw it i was like "oh, probably something normal like cow heart" and then i found out after that i tried chicken liver for the first time. try it out!
i cant remember too much from this past week because its gone so fast but yesterday was BOMBBBBBBBB
it was stressfull and crazy but it was the best day of my mission so far. after taking care of some district things in the morning with elder fallas, we got to church and found hermano Jorge sitting there next to elder aldana y elder crozier. right after i gave my discurso, we went out and called elder reyes to come give an interview. after the interview, we went home to pick up our things and then call elder reyes to see if we got the green light for sure. literally right as we were about to walk out the door, elder reyes finally called us back with good news. we booked it to the church and after searching the streets, we found Jorge. we baptized him and confirmed him. after we got back home, we had a lesson with a contact (that i thought wouldnt work out) and it was amazing. an older couple and ther son and his señora. they all agreed to baptism on the terms of finding their answer to the truthfulness of this message, but, we later found out none of them are married. we will get to work on that right away. after this, we went to wait or Jorge where we had previously discussed meeting, to go to a hermanamiento. after waiting for a while we went up tp his house, to either find him their or on his way. we got there and called his name for a few minutes. after a little while, he came out shaking from the cold. we told him we´d go get something to help warm him up. we ran to miguel´s (our first baptism, who reminds Jorge of his grandson) house to ask if his parents could make some tea or ecco for Jorge. we then took miguel with us to pick up jorge. when jorge realized who we had with us, he got a big smile on his face. we all walked together back to miguels house where we talked, drank tea, and ate crackers. it was the most beautiful moment of my mission. enjoying a moment of love and brotherhood with our first two baptisms. this helped me realize what the mission is really about. its not about marking the lessons off the progress sheet. its about helping people as christ would, and me and elder fallas both felt that last night. every moment on our missions literally led up to that moment last night. on top of that, elderc crozier, at the very end of the night, informed me that he had found a scripture that i had been searching for and praying about finding. i copy and pasted that section from my letter to the president so thats why its formatted weird.
so my spanish is still coming along slowly but surely. one day! iwill be withelder fallas for another transfer so we´ll see how much i can learn from him. my message this week: pray hard, work hard, and stick it ou till the very last minute possible. thats literaly how everything works here. we work our butts off, pray that everything will work out, and then just put it all in the Lord´s hands. it always works out. i love this gospel, i love being a missionary. yesterday i felt what happiness can come from being a missionary. it was perfect. love you all, pray always, trust always. the lord will always be there. a quote that im totally going to butcher that i love is "God is more aware of our progress than our comfort". he knows what we can become and he´ll get us there, as long as we do our part. be obedient. you´ll be blessed. that simple.
Elder Brown
                                                            Jorge and Elder Brown
                                                          Elder Falles, Jorge, Elder Brown

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