Sunday, August 25, 2013

whats uppppppppppp

Alright so not too much to share. this week i was sick and was in my bed basically all week. we got out to teach four lessons. woohoo.
something cool that happened though. so on thursday we tried to leave the house (tried is the key word, we had to go back after a few hours because i felt like garbage) and we went up and visited Jorge, the one we baptized last week. we expected him to be sick like i was becasue of the cold from the faunt. or dead. we called his name and he came out and he greeted us with a big smile and had something about him he had never had before. we owe this entirely to his new companionship of the Holy Ghost. and because he had stopped his word of wisdom problems, he says he is feeling good. he is stoked to keep going to church, pay is tithing, and keep on keepin on. the Holy Ghost is awesome!
Ive been reading the book of mormon as well as articles about it. i was thinking this morning and decided that anyone who believes its not true and that Joseph Smith made it up is insane. i started marking my book of mormon every time it taks about Jesus Christ in any way and am finding that my book of mormon is going to have marks on just about every page. this book IS true. Joseph Smith DID translate it with the power of God. this IS the Church of Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ DO live. 
welp. thats about it for this week. hopefully i wont be on my deathbed this coming week and have more stuff to share. the church IS true. 
over and out.
Elder Brown

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