Sunday, March 15, 2015

2 semanas.

i have two weeks left of my mission. still hard to believe. even more wild officially seeing my flight plans. i get in just in time for lunch! sounds good to me.
so before i continue in this email i just thought id warn you that im using a sketchy keyboard with a "l" and "c" that decide when they want to type. so if you see word that dony make sense, just fill in one of those letters and it wiill make more sense.
i got Grandpas letter this last week. THANKS. he talks about the priniple of how the way we serve our missions reflects how we will perform in life. i thought about that when he first told me that when i was about 17 and then again when he wrote it to me here at the end of my mission. ive worked veryyy hard. not anything ose to perfection. in fact if the atonement wasnt such a good eraser, id probaby walk around depressed thinking about all of my trias and faiures and weaknesses. but as i look back i feel peace. despite my weaknesses. my performance hasnt been perfect, but christ has made up for what i havent been able to do. thanks grandpa.
ahhh. on top of the messed up keys, the wire connected to the screen doesnt want to stay plugged in so i have to wiggle it ariound every time it shuts off.
so last week the end became more rea as i said goodbye to eder lewis, one of my best friends from barranca. im not a good goodbye person. i aso had to say bye to elder beckstead, one of my friends from my seminary class my senior year. 
this past week we had another mission council. president brought the hammer. it was rough but it was good. we then had a district meeting onwednesday which we taught. missed my time as a district leader. then on friday we had my final zone meeting. good stuff.
last week was probably the hardest ive worked in my mission. jeff told me that this is when i need to work the hardest. so i applied it. more obedience. more diigence. the works. and it was exhauuusting. but i feel good. its a bummer that most people get to this point and literally just give up because its "the end". or. you an take advantage of being more prepared than any other time in the mission and give satan heaven. 
this week is our despedida so i hope to be able to put in the same effort afterwards. everyone has told me that one president gives the going home talk its lights out. welp! we´l see how it goes haha.
thanks for everything. love you all. dont get trunky mom. and remember. in the airport, if you cross the security line, that dude standing at the entrance will take you down. 
elder brown

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