Monday, December 15, 2014

Another week. k

so this week... trying to remember whats happened. so on monday we went to the stake and played soccer and ate completos (chilean hot dogs). the best part of the day: we went to buy our food for the week. we walked into the store and BOOM christmas tree for S/. 19.90. came with lights and ornaments. yes i bought it. its next to my bed. its only a few feet tall so i set it up on a table. dont worry im still an expert in setting up christmas. 
i got my package this week as well. THANKS. im eating mike and ikes as i write and i brought everything else (except for my reeses fast breaks (those are sacred)) to share with the district today. 
on tuesday we took over in the district meeting. havent taught one for a couple months so that was fun. 
on thursday we had a craazy cool experience with the spirit telling us where not to go. ill tell ya about it on march 24. set a reminder on your phone for that day so i can tell you about it. mmmmmm cool.
last night we got to go to the christmas devotional at the stake. it was cool, but still not a fan of watching conferences in spanish. so i enjoyed the motab choir while i sweated for an hour and a half. haha sweated the whole time. these buildings down here dont have AC. i remember in the states the buildings being freezingg. 
so to answer your questions..
so yeah my schedule is a little nuts now. we get calls from the offices or the different missionaries at random times and we have to go help them when they need us. and starting this are up, its been nuts. but we are finally starting to get things rolling. we have a guy, Maicol, with a date fro the 3 of january. we hope to get alotttttt more coming in. in our Area of the church, we are doing the "Hastening the Work of Salvation" thing. i thinkive gone over it before. but we have ward council everyy week and are working with extra teaching and progress records to measure the progress. well i get the pleasure of punching in alll the dates each week of all the converts in the stake for things accomplished on their progress sheets. 
my back is holdin up. im alive and can walk. we are good. my feet? also good. yes those were the soles you sent me a few months back but they were from the pack of the ones that were cloth. the other ones are still going strong. no worries. back brace? no. too hot. sometimes i put it on to play sports. but yes i do, when i have time, still give myself ice massages. i just freeze a cup of water in our mini fridge and massage my back with it before i shower. its cold. 
ill try sending more pictures. we are in a different internet place this week so hopefully it will work out this time. 
love you, thanks for everything. loved all your letters in the package! dont worry im saving that sealed one for christmas eve. the rest? couldnt wait. whoops. 
prospero año y felicidad,
elder brown

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