Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21st

Mi amada familiaaaa. sup.
woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwoahwohwoahhh sterlings engaged????? thats nutsss haha my family´s gonna be huuuuuuuge when i get home. works for me!
this week was nuts. i think i broke my personal record for doors knocked in a week. we went alll over the place looking for new people. we found almost none haha. 
-last monday we had changes so every companionship just did their own thing. me and castillo went to a members house and ate pachamanca. (oh and i learned that "pacha" like the guy guy in emperors new groove, means "belly" or "gut" in quechua,which is the native language that all the people from the mountains speak) it was a fatty pot full of chicken, choclo (giant weird corn) and a variery of potatoes and mystery plants. ill send some pictures. as we were leaving, we gave the guy a fist bump "CHOCALA!". So being me, we went to do the same to his little old mom. she was wearing a ring and she punches hard. ill send you a picture of how my hand looked after haha. she drew blood. john fillerup would be proud of that fist bump.
-last week we had changes. the only person that changed in the zone was elder holley, but thats just because he finished his mission. so our new zone leaders name is elder larsen from utah. he started out his mission in Corbins zone down in prolima. 
-.last week we were out contacting in the street and we came across a lady walking with her two kids. as we talked she told us how missionaries had visited her when she was fourteen. Elder Fishbeck. i remembered brother fishbeck form hermosa vista ward had told me that he served in peru. if anyone can get in contact with him and have him shoot me an email that´d be awesome. i want to see where he served and who he worked with. also, the other week we weretalking with the branch president in the zone leaders branch and he told us that about thirty years ago he was baptized by elder bohn from arizona. well my buddy nate bohn´s dad served in peru thirty years ago. smallll world!
-the sisters this past week baptized another family of four. they are the daughter, son in law, and grand kids of the couple they baptized last week. barranca is blowing up right now and its awesome. we are struuuuuuuggling to find new  people who stick around longer than the first visit. 
-we do have a family, a single mom and two kids who are getting baptized in a couple weeks. the son, john, is already talking about how he wants to go on a mission. works for me!
-ah. just remembered. so the other day we got back to our room and my companion went to hi suitcases and pulled out a huge blanket to put on his bed. what was on that blanket? BEARS. he told me they called him oso (bear) his whole life. i proceeded to tell him my life story and show him my pictures with my bear t shirts haha
-the other day i got my package. and yes i already at all my mac n cheese. i also ate a peanut butter banana taco. haha its been a solid week for food. today im taking my goldfish and redvines to the beach so i can pretend its summer.
-welp. starting another week. its gonna be a good one. 
paz y bendiciones.
elder brown

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