Monday, August 4, 2014

and the cave goes home...

well its amazing to see that the first fruits of the mancave mission are starting to come forth. elder jeffrey todd kerr is now at the end of his time and will be the first of fourteen of some of the lord´s best to finish their time in His service. good luck in the real world jeff. 
so mom, new calling eh? congrats! you´re going to do awesome in the stake. and on top of that, there has been a ton of other changes in our ward, the biggest of which are the fact that brother nansel and brother beavers shaved their beards. you´ll have to send pictures because this is groundbreaking. i remember seeing brother nansel when i was a little kid and i remember even then he had his beard. well, i guess all good things must come to an end haha. 
oh, speaking of the ward, tell bishop traasdahl i say hi and that im alive and well. oh, i forgot to mention that i received a letter from brother griffin a few weeks back. and, as always, his words helped alot. he told me about  lesson he was preparing and reminded me of elder nelsons talk from conference. "obedience to divine laws brings blessings. every time!" sometimes i feel like even when im doing whats right, i kinda stay on a neutral level, and then when i mess up, only then is there a change. but no. every time we obey. there are blessings. every time. thanks brother griffin.
maaaaaaaaaci. duhduhduhduh duh dudhu duhd duh M V T!!!! big toro this week eh???? my seminary teachers were brother smith, jones, burnham, peterson, and stirling. if you have any of them. tell them i say ho. be sure to send me the rest of your schedule so i can see whats going down on toro campus. 
so this week was better. kinda. we had more lessons and taught new people! my health wasnt on its A-game so that took away from it a little bit but we´re doing what we can.this saturday we have the baptism planned for amalia and her two kids, john and katy. we also have another baptism planned for anther singel mom and her two daughters for the end of the month. carmen, amabilia (sounds like im a billio...naire), and maira. the other day we taught them the restoration in the church. we asked them that if god responded them, if they would be baptized on a set date. "eh, if god tells me..." welp. hes gonna tell you. now. we went into the chapel, knelt down, they prayed. the spirit came in strong. we all felt it. maira and carmen were crying. well  mair was kinda bawling. it was awesome. the next night we had a FHE with them, ill send a picture. 
tomorrow the zone is going to help out the branch in re-roofing the tenorio family´s house. never put a roof up before so we´ll see how it goes! 
this morning the zone went out to Caral. they say its the second oldest civilization on the planet. i mean i thought it was kinda cool but lets get real here. its dirt. modern day temples are wayy cooler. the jaredites (if its even real) knew how to build their stuff. 
our group of investigators is slowly growing, but we are still trying to find less active people that want to listen to us or are capable of getting back into the church. and we are trying to keep our converts as our focus. before, we didnt understand that as much, and now some are leaving town and working and we are working to keep them afloat. no worries though, things are going well! president archibald came up yesterday for a priesthood meeting and set things in order. it was soooooooo awesome.
so aside from being a little sick and the weather dropping. things are going good. we are starting to pick things back up and it will all work out. it always does. god sometimes needs us to prove our willingness to make the sacrifices, and in the end, requires that we know and acknowledge, that even with our greatest efforts, we are a hundred percent dependent on him. his hand is in every part of this work. its HIS church. its the only true church on the earth, and i know it because he has told me manyy times. 
love you all, stay safe, eat eggos for me.
elder brown
heres caral, us making tacos last week, and me in my hammock. oh, and i learned that nate bohns dad baptized the branch president in the barranca branch. thats just a side note, im not sending a picture of that.

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