Sunday, July 20, 2014

"eight. eight baptisms." - The Count

this week was another solid week! 
last week on monday we went down to Supe again and played soccer with the zone. theres a machu pichu-looking garden thing with three size foot walls, kinda like giant stairs. elder hackleman looked at it and just decided to throw a front flip off the top level. he did it. i got it on video. he survived. dude`s nuts haha
tuesday was the big wedding day. it was an interesting experience. never witnessed a civil wedding before. the mayor and his assistant came and got Emiliano and Miguiela married. hermana Leyva downloaded some wedding music  onto my usb which we hooked up to the electric piano in the church. i got to play some nice pre wedding music with a nice organ setting on the piano. after the ceremony we threw on none other than "from this moment on" by shania twain. no one understood a thing but you know i was jammin hard. literally every person present took turns dancing with the bride and groom. it was kinda awkward which made it that much more fun. 
on wednesday we had interviews with president archibald. it was amazing. i love the opportunities i get to talk to him. he helped me get more focused in on this "work of salvation" plan from the area that we need to do with our converts and less actives. its some rpetty cool stuff. they have told us how its called the attention of the brethren. we are the highest baptizing area in the world (in which we are the highest baptizing mission) and we are changing up the work so that we have the highest retention. in years past its been "baptize em then move on." so right now we are working to bring back those who have left and hold onto those who weve got. Hastening the work is alott of work. who would`ve thought.
thursday we had a training meeting with president. he taught us about the doctrine of prayer. he told us all to find examples of powerful prayers in the book of mormon and we were then to analyze what aspects of the prayers so powerful. i chose Lehi in the first chapter of the  book of mormon. things we saw in common here all throughout the book of mormon and the other scriptures is that these prayers were always done after long periods of meditation. they were also all done out loud. all of which had powerful manifestations of the spirit as well as other miraculous results. he then went on to tell us the three most powerful prayers of all time. he said "get ready elder brown, this one`s gonna blow your mind. im looking forward to seeing the look on your face." (i am always fascinated by new bits of knowledge or doctrine that i had never even been close to comprehend before). he put 1. 2. and 3. on the board. someone mentioned the atonement. number 1. the prayer and experience that atoned for the sins of all mankind. big prayer. then someone mentioned joseph smith. a prayer so powerful that god himself cam to josephs presence to answer. which led to the restoration of the everlasting gospel of jesus christ. but. he wrote that as number three. ???? ..  he then wrote Eden next to number two. the prayer which brought angels to adam and eve that, for the first time on earth, introduced the gospel of jesus christ. pretty cool stuff. 
friday, i went down to huacho.
saturday. the baptism. it went perfectttt. the tenorio family (ours) and the pimentel family (the sisters´) got baptized together. president made sure to be there to see it. at the end, us missionaries got up and sang "i feel my saviors love" (yo siento su amor). emiliano, and carlos and baudilia pimentel all gavce their testimonies. it was soliddd. the tenorio family are huuuumble people and have worked for a longg time to get all of this completed. good day.
yesterday they were all confirmed. then carlos and emiliano got sustained and received the priesthood later that day. that night they were both in the chapel participating in the branch choir while emilianos daughters were instructed on indexing and made family search accounts. BOOM. 
yesterday afternoon we struggled. EVERYONE was watching the world cup finals (CONGRATS GERMANY!!!!) and it was the emptiest id ever seen the streets. 
haha later that night we wernt to a members house to pick up a guy to accompany us. while we were waiting for him to get ready, we waited in the front room with his son, who had a brain hemmorage a feww years back so he doesnt have it all like he used to. he looked at a picture on the wall and asked "whos that?" pointing to a picture on the wall. i replied "thats jesus" "you see those marks in his hands? he did that for you ruben." he then said "thanks brown" i went to shake his hand goodbye and he held on to my hand, pulled in and kissed it. hahaha thanks ruben. quite the unique experience. we gotta keep on working. theres more families out there waiting for this message and we are the ones to bring it. i love this work and i know this is the one and only true gospel on the earth. families ARE eternal. 
paz y bendiciones
elder brown
please admire my mid-wedding ceremony selfy. kind of impressive.
i tried to get the family to throw up "super chill"s but i think we gotta work on it more.

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