Monday, February 3, 2014

February- Yo

so ya had a trip up to provo eh?? sounds like a fun day! hah and no ive never been to cubby´s in my life. i lived on in n out and babe-choc-frosts from wendy´s at provo. Bruce eh?? i mean its no Grace but i mean if he "rides like butter[ (...??) then its gotta be a good car..and that art exhibit sounds dope! now your next assigment is for you two to actually go to denmark and find any people he taught that are still alive.. or their kids. haha.
so yes my stomach was better this week. and my back? well. im hopin jeff learns back stuff in med school. nah no worries im good! i just stretch and use my ice pack when i need it. i feel bad if im ever elders quorum president. i wont be able to help anyone move...aside from the sicknesses i am still slowly getting skinnier still. my companion makes skinny jokes and some guy in my ward grabbed my pants at my waste because they´re a little loose and made some joke or comment or something haha. eh. oh well. ill gain it all back my first week of barro´s and filiberto´s.
 i am actually drinking water now. i might as well go buy a camel pack so i can replace the water im constantly losing. we sweat alllllllll day. luckily the nights are still pretty nice. we wake u in the mornings and its like Cali. overcast. and then the sun says "just kidding.. good luck gringo!!! BOOM. i get home at night and i look like  dang lobster. hahaha remember when i came back from the beach looking like a leper because i got burnt so bad? well im not quite there yet. but the extreme farmers tan is going to confuse my body. half is burnt and half is sun deprived. im lookin reallll good. 
sooooooo no package yet. im hopin itll be here tomorrow.  no worries mama. itll get to me! and yes we use the football set. sometimes we dont really feel like starting comp study so to warm up i go to my bed and shoot the ball back and forth till i beat him haha. elder scroggins my zone leader kinda spilled all the sand from my golf thing. dont worry it came with a big bag. i still cant beat my par 5  hole in one.
so this past week, we had changes and interviews. i looooooooove talking with president. i leave soo stoked to work every time. so elder garner went up to huaraz. look it up online. im hoping to die there as a trainer. thats mah dream. but anyways to replace him, i got the one and only ELDER BRYSON FORD SCHAGEL he is working with me in the ward haha this kids nuts. love him. he was with elder cole cody for a while so im pretty sure he´s gonna spend alot of time with us in mesa, 
haha ahhhhhhhh hayden. i miss that chunker. keep sending pictures por favor.
speaking of maci.. breaststroke eh?? i mean its not what us browns do but if you wanna step outside the 50 free train and dominate im fine with that. haha nah keep it up mace! your 50 breast is gonna beat my 25 free by the time i get back. im sure sterling can give you a few pointers,he swam breaststroke. just be sure to start all your races like lightning mcqueen.. "speed... i am speed...".
the work is good. we are finding a few solid families! the other night we brought a family to the chapel and taught them about faith, repentance, chastity, and marriage. we had them pray right there in the lesson about a specific date for getting married and we all knelt down. they both prayed and when they finished, their eyes were filled with tears. god ALWAYS answers prayers. president told me that if the spirit lets me down, that i write him and he´ll print it out and peg it to his wall. 
something to try that we did Mark. its called "finding the lost sheep", to help with the sisters in the wars. we printed off a ton of little sheep, cut them out and passed them out in sacrament meeting. the members put their names, numbers, and addresses, and then put a name number and address of a friend, family member, or neighbor. BOOM. referrals.
ha the other day people gave us coffee. we drink ecco here which is like it so i had no idea. but we had one of the assistants with us and he, in english looks at me and says "coffee" no. elder laiche was pounding it. i stomped on his foot. we asked them what it was and then explained we couldnt drink it. we taught them the word of wisdom (in our first actual lesson with them, which isnt normal) and they committed right there to live the word of wisdom. so sick. 
haha well its been a great week love you all. stay safe. wait groundhogs day passed right?? what did phil say?? 
love you!
elder brown. 
oh yeah we make our own dinner now. thats me flippin quesadillas.

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