Monday, January 27, 2014

He that shall de-plaque me.... PRESIDENT KERR.

awesome to hear the news on the new stake presidency! me and elder mcallister speculated that it would be him a while ago, but we werent too sure on the double northridge line-up and discarded the possibility. but hey, stoked that a mancave dad can receive all of us cavers from the hermosa vista stake. sounds good to me! 
this week was good. we´ve been working harddddddddd. president has establshed this rule about contacting families and its filling our agenda up. some times its really hard to contact them.. they´re far away, the timing is awkward, either the parents or the kids are screaming, or they look like they´ll punch anyone who even looks at them. but we´re getting better at it. the only problem is that the majority of what we have filled out in our agendas falls and burns to the ground. the members dont follow through in coming with us to lessons, the people arent in their houses, etc. but its all good. they´re are some things slowly coming along. and i am learning A TON.we started teaching a lady a few weeks ago. found out this week shes already a member. thanks for the info noelina. shes way cool though and her three boys are stoked to hear more. one of them was sick yesterday so they werent able to come to church. oh, speaking of yesterday, i forgot something very important. my keys. we went to go give a blessing to a guy in our ward. no oil. went to the room to get more. no keeys. went to a member, borrowed his oil, went and agve the blessing. then, later in the day i got a stomach attack and i needed a bathroom. NO KEYS. we got into an appointment, went to the bathroom. NO TOILET PAPER. stuck it out another hour until hermano rojas made it home and I safely made it to the bathroom. nice.
so yeah apart from the sicknesses this week, its been great.
i learned something big in my studies the other day. i was reading in Moses and came across some powerfull verses in chapter 6:32-34. it talks about how god has called us, commanded us to do things. we need to do them. we have tto show faith and open our mouths. THEN he´ll fill our mouths with his words. he then tells us to choose now. serve him or not. (joshua 24:15, matt 6:24). he doesnt have time for us to sit and contemplate if we´re with him or not. "let the dead bury their dead". he then says we are caled to this work and have his spirit with us. as members and as missionaries we have the spirit. and as we put ourselves out there and share what we know, we will do miracles. enoch moved mountains, changed the courses of the rivers, and caused an entire people to be lifted up into heaven. plain old, unpopular, stuttering enoch. sometimes we get scared and freeze up about being obedient, about working hard and really looking to serve God. as ive thought about this, what are we afraid of? doing good? satan puts all sorts of fears and doubts into us to prevent us from doing our jobs as members of his church. we are all vital parts of his kingdom and he needs us to decide NOW. its hard for me, even as a missionary to give ALL my heart to him ALL the time. but im trying, and im slowly getting there. i love it. its a long process but i can feel myself changing. solid.
so today hermano rojas made me an avocado smoothie. it was actually really good. try it, i dare ya. 
theres a member in our ward, the elders quorum president, who has a football. i asked him if we could borrow it today for pday. he told me, elder brown you take care of this ball. its veryyy precious to me (haha he literally has it in a mount on his shelf). i got it from a companion on my mission right before he went to the offices as an assistant. so today. football. american style!
well i love you all, thanks for everythinggggggggg. the prayers, the emails, the pictures. THANK YOU. les quiero!
elder brown

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