Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Mi linda familia!!
whats up. this week has flownnnnnnnn. this past month, the clock decided to tick faster. every week is flying now. im at ten months now. what the heck. i speak well, im livin in peru, but i still feel like i just started. only two months and im at my year mark. not to mention some of my friends will be home in six months. haha jeff was right, im gonna wake up the day after i get home and think it was all just some crazy dream. welp, gotta go hard while i can i guess!
i got my package this week THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU. its awesome. ah. america. im gonna make the cookies tomorrow morning for my district.  speaking of my district. we´re starting to kick it up. we only have one baptism in the district this far, but for the rest of the month we have eleven dates..? fechas sounds better. my companion is a machine. last week in a zone meeting, the zone leaders wantewd to demonstrate the difference between strength and diligence. they had elder laiche go in front of everyone to do 100 push ups. he did it. first time in his life. haha so if we are diligent (constantly working to improve every day) we´ll get stronger (busting out 100 push ups in a shirt and tie like its nothing). thats my boy!!
 anyways, im excited to see that finally our hard work is paying off. some days we still have a few hours to go and i gotta take a break to stretch out my legs and breathe for a little bit. but its good. things are alot funnier when im tired. and then when i get reallly tired they just get frustrating. eh, its all good. 
haha ahhhhh i want to be there to see hayden. she sounds like shes a funny little girl. if shes gonna throw her food, at least have fun with it and make her a target to throw at. or just throw it back at her. haha ahhh the time our corner. jessalyn´s puttin the hammer down. i remember the time out corner in our old house. corner window by the kitchen table. classic.
ahhhh let me know how her restaurant is! inka empire eh? sounds solid! hey, cow heart is really good! chicken liver too. ill take ya there after and show ya what i ate!
oh yeah, so we dont eat dinner at our pensionistas anymore. so this past week i have become a chicken nugget, egg, and cheese taco master. gettin creative haha. last week i bought a massive chocolate cake from Tottus to eat for breakfast.. i finished it last week. it was dang good. yes mom. im staying healthy. our pensionista gives us fruit with our lunch.
os the other day i went to get my hair cut. the usual lady was busy so we went down the street. she cut my hair. but in an effort to keep my "look", she left a ton of long hair so that my hair could stay kinda how it looked. um pardon? i paid six soles, cut ALL my hair. so sunday morning, i got dressed. looked in the mirror. "this is ridiculous". got my scissors. and attempted to do what ive seen momma do for 18 years. dang im good. haha 
the other day we did "Open Doors" at the church. we stood outside with pamphlets and book of mormons to try getting people inside to show them the church. we were inside talking to people and some dude (the same guy we taught on elder laiche´s first day that showed us a bible that says the mountain of the lord in isaiah is machu pichu) came by with his garbage cart and stole all of our book of mormons. we ran out, invited him inside, then made him give our books back. haha oh victor.
welp, thanks for the love and prayers. i love you all and im glad everyones safe and doing well. thanks! 
over and out,
elder  brown   
oh yeah. we got another rat...

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