Monday, June 10, 2013

Whats upp everyone!!!!

So its been another wonderfull week in peru!
Last week we had a Multi Zone meeting with President and sister Dorius. it was awesome. the funnest part though was that on the way there we took the wrong bus and ended up somewhere in the Lima Central mission. i kept my eyes open for elder brimhall but couldnt  find him. we found a taxi and made it to the offices. it was awesome though they gave advice about the mission and how even though the mission is the hardest thing youll ever do, it is worth it. 
this literally is the hardest thing ive ever done. i face challenges and struggles every day and honestly there are times when i just wish i was back home chillin in my hammock and strummin my uke, BUT. there are people here who need to be saved. it is the single most frustrating/saddest thing to deal with out here: seeing people, especially the little kids we are teaching, who are leearning and progressing and then some doubt comes up or (in the case of the kids) the parents wont let them be baptized. we just want to scream at them and say YOU FREAKING NEED THIS FOR YOUR ETERNAL SALVATION! ahhhhh it drives us insane. Go read Mosiah 28:3. its exactly how i feel. i love these people and i want them to be happy. forever.sometimes theyre just not ready. The Lord knows though, and i know that eventually he´ll provide a way.
So this pastt week me and elder fallas taught an english class. we taught a group of people down at the church building. they learned how to pray in english. and to count to 20. booyah. 
Last PDay we spent at this huge market. i bought some sick futbol pants and a Zamponia (kinda like the flute thing that peter pan plays). its so sick, im already playin hymns on it. i am musically deprived here. mainly because i dont have my uke. we have a guitar in our room but its just not the same.. ha but when we go to the church for district meetings i play the piano. Everyone in south america sings... really good. we sing the songs acapella in sacrament and it sounds like cats dying in a fire. i love it.
So baby Bothwell in december eh?? thats awesome! tell em congrats! and Kelly martinez is going on a mission! thats freakin sweet! you´ll have to let me know where she goes!
so my spiritual advice is simple. pray and read. real original elder brown. no really though. i am just now learning what praying really is. what it really means to ask what God wants you to do that day. I am recognizing more and more how far away my mind was from spiritual things all throughout my life. Everyones homework:pray like never before. ask Heavenly Father what he would have you learn and do that day. go to the scriptures and search. FEAST on the words of Christ. We are God´s Children. Not just creations of some superior being. We have a father who has provided means for us to talk to him and for him to talk to us. I love you all, the church is true. I am so confused why people dont believe this church is true. Does anyone seriously think id move thousands of miles away, barely talk to my family, live by strict mission rules, learn a new language, and walk everyday till my legs almost dont work anymore, if i didnt KNOW this was true? the gospel isnt just a set of good ideas to live by, the book of mormon isnt just a good read. this is Gods kingdom. His church. This is all for Him. He Lives. He Loves us all. 
Elder Brown

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