Monday, June 3, 2013


holaaaaaaaa! que tal todo???
so yes i survived another week in peru. im slowly gettin used to it all but its still freakin weird here. when i get back to the states i am going to give any and every dog i see a big hug and say thank you for not trying to kill me. these dogs make rylie and mandy look like angels.
 haha so we were sitting in someones house the other day and i was looking around and just thought to myself "wow this is a nice house".. then i reallized that if i had seen this house like even three weeks ago i´d just be thinking how ghetto it is. but honestly? anyone who has concrete walls, some form of couch, and an actual roof is living the high life. even though in that very house, i went to the bathroom and literally had to throw a bucket of water at the toilet to flush it. what an experience. i have only been in peru for like two weeks but i appreciate freaking everythinggg i had before the mission. everything. never take a clean home for granted.
thanks for that quote mom, thats awesome. ive been thinking alot about that lately: fearing god over man. its a concept everyone is so blinded to. we get so caught up in social what-ifs that we forget about celestial and eternal certainties.
so yeah i freakin love the guys in my room. elder fallas is bomb, and the other compaƱerismo elders crosier and paredes are tight. 
so last week we had to go into puente piedra to get our money. after we got it, we went to a big store and got a bunch of food. i got a loaf of bread, two things of peanut butter, honey, a pack of golden oreos, and three packs of glacitas which are peruvian cookies from heaven. once we all got loaded up on garbage, we realized we had to get our water. we went from puente piedra back to ventanilla each carrying four 7 liter jugs of water. the walking was horrible and the bus was an adventure. we did survive. barely. haha my traps are still sore.
k so the weather here is bipolar. we wake up and cant even get out of bed because its so cold. i usually sleep with sweats and a t shirt. and my sheets. and my blanket. and this blanket made of wool and lama. then, in the afternoons its freaking hot and we are sweating to death. then all the sudden it drops back down to antarctica. i lost one of my sweaters when i was getting off a bus last week but i still have my other one and my wind breaker so we´re good. oh and it definitely doesnt rain here. like ever. it occasionally "mists" but thats about it. some days are overcast but yeah i wont see actual rain here. some people dont have roofs on parts of their houses because they really  just arent necessary.
so today we´re goin to some big market and im gonna buy a jersey or two. so stoked!
oh and so i showed lamb of god to the other elders and they freakin loved it. that stuff is amazing. JEFF-if there´s any bomb uplifting music you think i´d like. send it on down here. sweet. welp! thats about everything.
homework assingment for everyone: read proverbs 3:5-6 and really think about it. i know its one that everyone knows but there´s so much to get out of those few sentences that can help us focus on that things that really matter. les amo mucho y muchas gracias por todos las oraciones. les necesito cada dia. el mision is bien bakaan!!! sean misioneros todos!
Les amo,
Elder Kendall Brown

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