Monday, June 17, 2013

Una otra semana bakaan!

What is up everyone!!!
still cant believe how fast time goes, ive already been here four weeks! crazy.
So to start off, my Bear Grylls story of the weelk:
1.So yesterday we were waiting at a house to pick up a kid for church. there was a huge rooster siting outside the house. (last week we had seen these people watching a cock fight. yeah there were kids there too.) so i thought, hmm lets see what this does when it gets mad. i started making noises at it and then i put my foot really close to his face. it spread out its feathers and started charging me and i ran for my freaking life. Forget a guard dog. im getting a freaking rooster. it was awesome.
2. we were walking up this hill and saw this little puppy. finding little puppies that arent gross and actually like you literally never happens. so i squatted down and tried petting it. a few seconds later i heard some barking in the distance. i looked up and saw a veryyyyyy angry dog running at me. i ticked off the momma bear and she was NOT happy. i stood up as quick as possible and got ready to kick it in the face/ find a rock to fight it off with. luckily it didnt actually try eating me. we left promptly.
this past week, we taught Pikachu the plan of salvation. we had to practice during comp study so elder fallas walks into the other room and comes back with a stuffed pikachu. i´ll send pictures, it was hillarious. elder paredes hid under the desk and spoke for him. i dont know why we didnt just practice with elder paredes but hey. we get bored.
Story from a few weeks ago: so i was having a really crappy time adjusting and i was just not enjoying life. at all. Elder Paredes took me into the other room and had a "splits comp study". he shared a bunch of scriptures about how the lord knows us and gives us specific weaknesses to be humble and to rely on the lord to make us strong. he shared a talk with me that you all need to look up called "unleashing the dormant spirit" by f. enzio busche.
speaking of elder paredes, he just got made zone leader and is moving to another area. and elder fallas is now district leader and elder crozier will be training.
so there´s this girl we´ve been teaching named Ariatna. she is basically a member, she even taught her class in church yesterday. but, her parents wont allow her to be baptized. We were waiting by the highway for a few other investigators when we looked up and saw ariatna followed by both of her parents. it was an absolute miracle. Her and Andy and Enrique (two other awesome kids we are teaching) are all wanting soooo bad to be baptized but their parents wont allow them. yet. we´ll keeep workin with them. its funny how the kids are the examples here. Mom, i gave them some of those ctr rings, i´ll have to get a picture this week with them.
Best food of peru: churros. they arent like crappy churros you get in the states. they´re home made and theyre filled with this stuff called manjar, which is the same thing as dulce de leche. they are BOMB. i´ll try to get a picture this week of us with the churro guy. he sells them out of a wood box attatched to a modified bike. 
oh yeah! so this last week, the newbies had to go fill out out immigration papers in lima. i got to spend the whole day with Elder McAllister, Richards, Hackleman, and hermana Brown, Winters, and Bills (the other people that came down with me.) it was sooooooooo awesome to spend the day with them. i think elder mcallister needed it as much as i did. good stuff.
So my lesson for all of you this week is again a simple one that i feel we dont really understand: "como os he amado, amad a otros" or, as i have loved you, love one another. a few days ago i was studying Christlike attributes. i came accross the scripture John 13:34-35. Christ gave a new commandment: to love others even as he had. i put down my scriptures and laid on my bed and just stared at the cieling. that hit me hard. i started to ponder what that really meant. so thats you assignment. read that scripture and think about what that really means. Love others even as Christ loved us. even as he DOES love us. and then try to apply it to your life.
Welp, i love you all, thanks for everything you do and for your examples. i hope all the fathers had a good Dia de Padre and that you were able to especially remember your Father in Heaven, and try to make every day a Father´s day for him. ask god what you can do for him today. listen, write it down, and go do it. Love you all,
Elder Kendall Brown

                                                Elder McAllister and Elder Brown

                                        Peruvian Food usually consists of rice,chicken, and potatoes

                                          This was their "pretend" investigator.

                                                     Practicing the lessons with... Picachu

                        When Maci saw this picture she said, "Awww Kendall!!" Because this is so him.

                                            His area is along the West coast of Peru

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