Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One month down! Happy 19th Birthday Bears!!

hola errbody!!!!
first off happy almost mothers day mom! and all the other moms out there!! i just watched the new mormon mesage about mothers. so sweet. i encourage you all to watch it. one of my favorite quotes "life didn't  come with a manual. it came with mothers" or somethin like that.
what a week. i cant already believe its p day again. its flyin! so ive had a little stomach problem this week but im gettin over it. all sorts of fun stuff! we have officially been here for four weeks and its seriously unbelievable. and my birthday is tomorrow! wudduuuppppp!! haha i got the package today mom and mark, and yes, ill save it for tomorrow. maybe. we'll see.
so on sunday we heard from Chad Lewis. he played for BYU and the eagles. it was sooooooo sick. we got to watch clips of football games. best talk ever. ha so he talked to us about the mission and how it relates to/affects the rest of our lives. such a solid talk.
last night, our district ushered for the meeting. the speaker was Elder Eduardo gavarret of the Seventy. he and his wife are from uruguay and he served in the paraguay/uruguay mission or somethin like that and apparenty he was a mission president in paraguay. his talk was awesome too. he started off by saying tonight we are going to talk about miracles. he didnt say a single thing about miracles. he spoke about the plan of salvation and how it plays into our lives as missionaries. and he talked about being clean and pure as missionaries. and how the battle that started in heaven is stil going on today. i got to meet him and his wife after and told him about dad, grandpa, and jeff. apparently his wife was baptized by an elder brown but it turned out it wasnt dad.
in other news.. yeah i freaking saw kalie on sunday! so good to see her! it was definitely hard though, we had just heard that morning, on two separate occasions, to not meet up with family or friends. it was fine because i didnt plan it or anything, but yeah i basically had to say love you but gotta go, gave her a hug, snapped a pic, and bailed. love you kalie!!
i got a SOLID dear elder from sister burrell. a quote she gave me from elder bednar's wife hit me: "you always need to be the kind of missionary your mom thinks you are." thanks sister burrell!
hahaha oh yeah so i opened my dear elder baout elder mcallisters dad before he opened his. so yes, i accidently broke the news about his dad being bishop haha whoops!! elder mcallister is a zone leader now and im pretty sure he and his dad officially became zone leader/bishop on the same day. pretty cool! and my comp is district leader now, he's a goob haha but he'll do a solid job.
Jeff- so you are workin with brown evans eh? buena suerte! its so much fun. especially since you'll probably be spending all day with Aron. i planted a few seeds when i worked there (at least i hope so). definitely try to keep them growing. and its sick that you can do it in spanish! love ya. oh and we got the light saber thing, just in time for star wars day (may 4th (may the fourth be with you)).
Maci-so you're gonna do jr. guard start?? thats tight. hahaha you'll be the one they send to clean up leftovers from the kids in the kitty pool (ask mom about your story with that at stapley pool. lawlz.) ha but thanks for writing me back. you're solid. treat my phone well haha word on the street is that you got it. enjoy! love ya bugga. make sure you play "biggest fan" for mom for me on sunday. got it??
greg arnett(mom find a way to get him this message haha) way to rep the cave in the bishopric! do work!
mackenzie- whats up gurl!! securityyy!!!
mom-i'll write you your own email hah but hey!
grandma connie-thanks for the dear elder! love you! everything is going well, the language is coming along decently but yeah we'll find out when i get down there haha. oh and i hope everything goes well with grandma and grandpa's house. best of luck! love you both
katie-Cheeseburger! get better soon alright!! love ya
well sorry my emails are slowly gettin shorter. i seriously can barely keep track of what goes on during the week. i have to write stuff down just to remember to send it home haha everything is such a blurr.
love you all!! the book of mormon is true. it testifies of christ. dont be afraid to share it! i recently realized how stupid ive been lately for having hesitations about sharing my testimony with people and then i realized. wait. if its the truth, why be embarrassed by it. why be ashamed of what you know. keep the elders in your prayers, we're fightin a big battle out here and its rough. im still only in the mtc but the adversary is still knockin right at our doors here. love you all!
Elder Brown

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