Wednesday, May 1, 2013

3 Weeks and a new P-day!! 5/1/13

mamaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooohooooooooooo (bohemian rhapsody)
hahaha hey errrbody whats crackin! this is elder brown comin at ya live from the mtc with some big news. my p days are now on wednesdays and our entire schedule is all messed up. yayayyy.
hahaha so fun stuff this week. in service on monday mine and elder schagels job was to restock toilet paper and paper towels. we got to a stall and he was like are you kidding? i looked in. someone had thrown a whole toilet paper roll in the toilet and it absorbed all the water. he proceeded to climb up on the back of the toilet with a plunger. i stood in front with the trash can while he shoveled it into the trash can wit the plunger. team effort!
today we went to the temple and did inititories (yeah i totally spelled that wrond). we got celestial breakfast aand it was awesome.
so thanks mama for ordering me another inhaler. im still concerned about having to take my machine with me bacause it takes up quite a bit of space. oh well i'll figure it out. so last night our devotional was from elder packer (president packer's son). honestly? i could barely pay attention becaus his voiice kinda sounded like the Shane Company commercial guy. but he talked even slower. i learned the most when we had our district discussion after. president swensen, our branch president, and his wife joined us. the fireside was about families and how we as missionaries help bring families together. elder mcallister brought up the quote "a missionary is someone who leaves his fmaily for two years so that others can be with their families for eternity." that was a good reminder to me that even thouugh i miss you all, i will come back in a very short time. president swenson brought up the movie back to the future and how one little event affected the lives of the entire family. i thought about nanny and gaga. had they not decided to become active in the church, i literally wouldnt exist. that one decision they made changed thousands of lives.
our devotional on sunday was from the director of the missionary department. he talked about how satan knows our buttons and exactly how to push them. his main goal is to get us to quit. sadly, one of the kids of the new district went home literally two hours before this fireside because he was so stressed with everything. im thoroughly convinced that if he had stayed till the fireside, it wouldve changed his life.
oh yeah so i saw sister cloward, that was a nice surprise and she said you said hi. hey mom. i also see tanner mennenga, dallin larsen, ryan couch, and hayden and harrison jones like all the time.
hahaha and zoey got an even worse hair cut??? filthy. i feel so bad for her. its not like she can just wear a hat or like try to do a different hair-do. good luck pumba!
all in all, things are goin alright. the language is coming slowly but surely. it is sooooooo hard to focus when im literally in a classroom for nine hours a day. i have the worstr attention span and what makes it worse is that im district leader and im like the first to get distracted. haha help!
so yeah any other questions or whatever just #hmu (to the older scene, that is a hash tag and an abbreviated form of hit me up)
jeff- i need you to dear elder me like ASAP to tell me how to do the light saber picture with a pen. please and thank you.
mark-thanks for the jjunk food! haha i can feel myself gettin nice and hefty from the food here already but i figure, eh, i'll probably lose it all from living off of rice. or i'll get a tapeworm. haha thanks. oh yeah, so i see missionaries going to denmark quite a bit. this past week i walked past a big group of them and after passing by them i was like "alright. i havent heard any danish in a few weeks. can you say something for me??" i then mentioned to a teacher how all i knew was (written in my pronunciation-friendly way) "vuhlowadoo". he said it back to me and it sounded nothing like i said. but yeah there are volunteers that come here for "home teaching" from the missionaries to help them pracitce their language. you should stop by haha
elder krueger(if you can somehow pass this message to him)-i wore your tie and everyone kept commenting on how awesome it looked. turns out one of the elders living nextdoor to me has one of your aunt's ties too. his brother bought one when he was in hawaii and now he has it. coincidence? no. destiny? absolutely. haha ahhh yeah. (MOM-can you snag me his email?? k thanks)
mom/fam-watch the mormon messages "my brother hyrum" and "earthly father heavenly father". amazing messages!!!
maci-i have an assignment for you. i want you to find the lyrics to the "Arthur" theme song, copy and paste them, and mail them to me. i know arthur was before your time but jessalyn is in town so she can help ya. also any other bomb disney songs. we live off singing that stuff haha
baby chunker face- enjoy my room!
i gotta go check my laundrey. i'll get back on and send some pictures. love you!!!! the church is true. spread it

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