Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Last week of the MTC!

(*Kendall just called me!! He just got his Visa in and is heading to Lima Peru from the Provo MTC on Monday, May 20th.!! Wahoo!!! Go Elder Brown and Elder McCallister!!!)

alright so i just kinda wrote down random stuff throughout the week to mention in the email so hopefully you can keep up.
so first off. thanks to everyone for the packages and letters on my birthday! i think i gained like five pounds with all the cookies and stuff. and thanks for the shirt mom, its freakin sweet! it was a pretty rough day and its been a pretty rough week for me so i appreciate everything! satan decided its time to kick the crap out of me. dont worry, i've never given up a fight. hahaha mom, go ask jeff the spanish term for satan and you'll understand my feelings about him right about now. its kinda along the lines of what you tell me to tell him when he's botherinng me. but mom your motto "moving forwward" is gonna help me alot. thanks!
oh so last week i got a hair cut for the first time by someone other than momma suzie or when i used to buzz it myself. im not gonna complain but im gonna be glad to be back in tantrum or in our bathroom downtairs in a couple years.
so some cool stuff, apparently my branch president (president Swenson) was brad mortenson's mission president. he mentioned him last night and i was like wait. i (kinda) know him ha. andd apparently my teacher Hermano welch (who is moving to phoenix later in the summer) trained the missionary who trained Steve Frost in argentina.another cool thing. in the Arise and Shine forth (youth 2012 theme) theme song video, the main hawaiian kid lives on my floor. we watched it the other day and i was like "what the heck?? i just gave that kid a bunch of food last week. oh. andddddd one of my other teachers new drew. his name is Hermano Levi Williams. he's solid.
last night we heard from yet another apostle: Elder Russel M. Nelson.
some quotes from the talk, im pretty sure i didnt remember half of them correctly but here:
"you're baptizing them so they can qualify for that blessing of eternal life."
"this isn't a place for rest. this is a place for progress" and then something like "if you just want to rest, maybe mortality isnt for you" or somethin like that haha
"in order to put jesus first, you may need to lose yourself"
"having character is better than being one"
"you're their link to the Lord Jesus Christ, who CAN help them"
"the four words you need to use: We. Follow. Jesus. Christ."
we were soooo blessed to be able to hear from two apostles while being here in the mtc. it was awesome. oh yeah and in the choir last night i sang next to elder Harrison Jones. his brother was bummed to not be up there with us.
so hayden is crawling huh?? and she started on my birthday?? thats awesome! make sure she doesnt follow jeff's example and try crawling down stairs.
as for my reassignment. not today. which means we'll probably be here another week. pray for us! as awesome as the MTC is.. i think its about time i left.
that is weird to think grandma and grandpa flitton's house has been sold, and the pool table is leaving the basement. never thought i'd see the day. haha and mom thanks for the "p.s." in your last dear elder. and im glad mason and TJ got their letters. thanks!
Jeff- whats you email?? better yet, just email me. thanks for dear eldering me this past week, it meant alot. thanks! and i hear you officially started at brown evans. be sure to tell Aron, Anthony, Willie and everyone else hi for me. and watch out, they like giving nick names there. some of mine were "skinny jeans", "long back jr.", and "special K." good luck! oh and make sure you admire the shelving units in the warehouse that i helped build, take down, re arrange, then reconstruct. fun stuff. oh and whats this i hear about you dating someone?? dattta kid
Aunt Liz-thanks so much for the cookies! the guys on my floor loved em
maci-thanks for the birthday dear elder! im stoked for you finishing your first year at stapley. and it sounds like you have a busy summer. good luck and have fun!
on a general note, i was sad to get the news about grandpa wayne. he was an awesome guy who did sooo much for his family and everyone he worked with. i'm glad he was able to go easily as dad said.
well i hope everyone's doing well! when in doubt, pray like never before. i have to amp up my prayers seriously every day. the adversary is never going to rest and he is  doing anything and everything to stop this work. keep the missionaries in mind in your prayers. we need it.
Love you all!
Elder Kendall Brown

one of the elder's on my floor made me a balloon animal for my birthday. feelin the love haha

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