Monday, November 10, 2014

novemburrrr. sike. its HOT.

so this week was an interesting one.
last monday we got together with the zone. Soccer. my back doesnt really let me play sports anymore so i played a game of Clue on the side with some other missionaries. i havent played it since we lived over by hermosa vista. probably never play it again. i dont think ive ever wanted a game to end sooner. i can take monopoly all day long. Clue is useless. dont buy it for your children. they´ll be happier haha
tuesday we had a district meeting. elder caal, my district leader, had me teach about the importance of getting investigators to church. i started with moroni 8:25. related it to our purpose as missionaries, the gospel of jesus christ, and where we all fit in with the people and how going to church and obeying the sabbath day helps them in their process to cumplir( .... fulfill?) the gospel. so yeah that was fun stuff. 
then on thursday we had a multi zone meeting with president. he trained us on how to teach lesson 6. we have a new lesson focused entirely on fasting, tithing, and offerings. we went through isaiah 58. cooll stuff. PAY YOUR OFFERINGS. 
later that day we went out with sister archibald. we hopped in her car and she drove us over to the new room we were going to move into. she mobs hard on the peruvian streets haha i was very surprised. so yeah this morning we moved into a new place. we can actually walk in it without waiting for the other one to stand on the other side of the room. its a beautiful thing. 
we had an interesting halloween. we did nothing. and there were like all of five kids trick or treating. and zero pumpkins. when kids go trick or tresting they just walk up and say "halloween!". when we got home at night we were planning for the next day and we heard outside "elderes! halloween! elderes! halloween!" we looked out and saw the bishop with his kids. so we went down and gave them a couple candies. hahaha the wave is starting to catch. i hope to see ful nlock parties here real soon. 
earlier that day we went to a members house to get to know them, he talked to us about area 51 and about how the scriptures support the fact that there are aliens. he asked, why do you think that there have been so many advancements in technology in the last century?? i told him that the restoration might have something to do with it. he didnt catch it haha. dude was kinda a nut. we are goin back today fro FHE. pray for me.
saturday morning we had interviews with president. we sat doown. "what can i do for you elder brown?" and then we talked for about an hour. dude´s a bosssss. he helped me alot. then at the end he was like anything else? oh, yeah i need a new reccomend (yeah. two years have gone by since yesterday since i got my call and almost two yearssince i went to the temple for the first time) and he just asked are you worth to have one? i said yep. he said alright cool i got a list of people ill get you yours soon too. that was easy. 
alright welp, my district is finishing up so i gotta roll. thanks for everythinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg keep the missionaries in your prayers. this stuff gets rough. 
hasta luegoooooo
elder brown

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