Monday, November 10, 2014

19 meses. bah.

so first off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you had a solid day. next year im takin you on your first date. if anyone gets to ya first, its not gonna be good. congrats on bein birthed mace.
so this week was fun. highlight of the week. I GOT TO PLAY A UKULELE FOR A FEW DAYS. some lady has one in our ward because some american left it with their family as a souvinere and so i got to use it for a ward talent show this week. it was dang fun. it has beenn foreeeeeeeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. i gotta get practicing. grandma is going to show me up when we jam together in a few months. i kept trying to pull out songs i used to play and i have forgotten the grand majority. my fingers remember the cords but i cant remember cord progresssions and how to put it to diffferent songs. so for the show i played one of the only ones i could remember, "im yours" from jason mraz. it helps that no one knows english. i tried sending a video but it was too big to send in an email. whoops. 
we are busy doing some searching for new people. i feel like this entire past months was a never ending chain of meetings and going around town. so our studies have suffered, which means organized time in the area has been sketchy. but this week we are getting things on track. 
yesterday we got a few new people to teach. some wayyyyyy old people (the owners of our old house). fernando and amelia. he cant walk anymore so he either uses a walker or drives around in his volkswagen bug. and another guy who´sa widower with his two kids. 
we got janet and axel,, the peña family, and molly still, but we´re trying to work scheduling conflicts out with them. rough stuff. but it will be good. they´ll all be in the water soon!
right now im reading Doctrine and Covenants. iv never read through it all the way before and so i set it so i can read one section a day for the reast of my mission. no, its not a countdown. just kinda haha-
right now its startin to get hotttttttttt. but the real heat comes here in like february. i am praying that i can go to huaraz to finish up. pray for me to go there !!!
so last week president sent out an email witha talk from elder bednar. he spoke on the spiritual gift of being quick to observe. he gave an interesting exmple of how a kid was dating some girl after his mission. president hinckley came out with the one earring thing. she wasnt "quick to observe" to kkeep that commandment. he was quick to observe that she wasnt quick to observe and decided to move on. now, dont worry im not think about marriage so easy there. just some times haha. no but it was a cool example of how many times the brethren tell us things we should be doing. when they say it. we do it. even the little things. many people think they can pick and choose which commandments to follow and that they can be rated on a scale of zero to important. it wasnt a problem of wearing earrings. it was the fact that she wasnt willing to follow the prophet even in the little things. mormon was entrusted from a verryyy young age with the plateds because ammoron could see that he was of a serious nature and quick to observe. (not just to notice things, but to do them). then it gives the example of 1 nephi, chapters 11-14. when nephi is being taught by the spirit. the spirit, many times, says "look!" then nephi looks and beholds the things the spirit was trying to teach.  so thats my invitation to you. be quick to observe. follow the brethren. ALWAYS. we cant afford to decide when or when not they are speaking out of inspiration or assume for even a second that they arent being constantly quided by god.  
so my back is good. i am alive. haha you gotta be a real bro to ice massage your comps back for him. elder welburn is a good guy. really helpin me out with that one. it reminds me of when i had tendonitis on my acheles in football in seventh grade and i had to get those fun ice massages. now i get it on my back. yessss. 
haha keep on keepin on. send me some pics of jess and drews new place and of the new mr. and mrs. herron.!
paz y bendiciones.
elder brown.

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