Sunday, July 28, 2013

wasssss ssaaaaaaaaaa (It's what his little niece Hayden always says now)

hey everyone! so yesterday i celebrated surviving two months in Peru. its soo weird to think ive been gone for over three months and in south america for two. time is flying. so this past week was absolutely freezing. on tuesday morning we could see our breath in our apartment. awesome.
Cool stuff from this week:
Magela( our pensionista) and Luis (her esposa) got married on saturday! this is a HUGE deal. now me and elder fallas need to bust our butts to get luis baptized before this next change. then we can come back in a year for their sealing! (did i spell that right?) my english grammar and spelling are slowly dying. elder crozier and elder aldana also had a couple theyve been teacjing get married. good stuff!
last week we all met with president archibald and had interviews. it was the coolest interview ive ever had. essentially he taught me how to get baptisms every week. if you want to baptize every week. you can. "why does a bird fly? becasue it thinks it can." he made it all sound soooooo easy. teach them. then baptize them. i wish i had such confidence. the gospel reaally is so simple. he explained how brigham young went to europe and baptized thousands. he also mentioned how President Young, along with all the other early missionaries had wayyyyy less gospel knowledge than we have as missionaries today. he then read to me Alma 26:22 which says basically live the gospel and you´ll bring thousands of souls to God. "is the book true?" "yeah.." "well then put up or shut up" haha this guy is awesome. this week ive felt a fire and a desire to go find people and bring them to the waters that ive never experienced.
so my message this week is simple. with God, anything is possible. this was our lesson in elders quorum yesterday and i realized that as a missionary, without the help of God, this work is literally impossible. we are imperfect people trying to do a perfect work. i love the quote "if you dont think you can do something, you cant. But with God, you can"
love you all, keep praying fopr the missionaries, especially for those learning languages!!!! its freaking hard haha but i love every day.
Elder Brown

                                                Kendall said it has been freezing

                                            The wedding of Migela and Luis. Hooray!


                                                     The wedding cake and celebration

                                         This is what we all miss... Kendall is always having fun!


                                                                   Peruvian celebrations

                                                   Migela and Luis Wedding

                                      Kendall and a Peruvian boy. Not sure if this is Migela and Luis son

                                         Kendall's drawing of our home. Maybe he's a little homesick

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