Monday, July 1, 2013


Que tal todo??
So last week on wednesday i got to go to immigration with my group again so i spent the day with Elder McAllister again. i freakin love getting to see all them. i also saw a few missionaries from my zone in the MTC.
On saturday, alder D. Todd Christofferson came down to Peru to set up the 100 stake of Peru. there was a huge meeting for it but we couldnt go. Only 40 missionaries could go, mainly just the peruvians.
Last week we went back to Santa and Jesus´s house. we taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end) and the Word of Wisdom. I was talking to Jesus about repentance and i asked him how he thought it would feel to be made clean. i expected a typical 8-year-old answer like "Happy" or "good". but instead, he looked up at me and without really putting any thought to it he just said "Libre"... Free. i laughed a little and almost started crying and just said that was the perfect answer. That was an awesome experience for me.
So basically all week it has been freaking freezing and i didnt see the sun till yesterday. here, it doesnt rain. even though they call it rain. the clouds just stay on the ground and it constantly mists/sprinkles. so the other day it was misting really bad. that sounds dumb but it happened. we were freezing and soaked. we were walking to go buy some  bread to make our day a little better and we walked by a part of the street that dipped down and thats where all the water was collecting. when we came back from getting bread, thee fun began. Water from the street was flooding a house really bad. it kept streaming down the street and down into the dipped down part of the street, which fed into a little dirt-floored house which was even lower than the street. the kids that lived there (the parents werent home) and a few neighbors were shoveling and digging to try to block the water to make it stop going into the house. Me and Elder fallas grabbed a few shovels and started digging. i was on the sidfe of the street with the flooding house and he was on the other side where the water was coming from so he could dig a trench for the water to go into. i was trying to make a wall to stop the water. literally nothing we did worked. i went back to his side of the street to help guide the water away. Some lady came out and stood in her doorway and got mad at me because water was getting in her dirt lawn.
1. her house was three feet above the ground.
2. it was made of concrete.
3. the other house looked like a freaking swimming pool.
I was so glad i cant communicate with people outside of lessons because i would have chewed her out. We were trying to stop the kids house from flooding more and she was mad that there was water in her yard. which wouldve been there without our help. Eventually the kids and neighbors dug a trench into a neighbors house so the water would go there and at that point we just called it good and walked away. haha i looooooove people.
The good news is we saw the sun finally. and even better, there was clouds so the sunset was sick. it reminded me of Arizona. except not nearly as bomb as AZ sunsets. Still cool.
Last night we were in a members house and on his tv he was playing the last testimony of Gordon B Hinckley he gave to his mission country in England. It was so cool to hear how much he loved the people that he "walked with so very long ago". President Hinckley was awesome.
Speaking of tv, seeing as there arent really laws, everyone has pirated movies. Yesterday in our pensionistas house, they were watching Monster´s University. they also have the new will smith movie. the other family where we saw president hinckley, they had Iron Man 3. awesome.
Sales Pitch to the World: go to and you can get freakin sweet peruvian blankets. they´re the ones all the missionaries have and without them i would freeze to death every night. i know its 10000 degrees right now but hey, winters only like 5 months away.
My message for the week is from Alma 17:11. Its a scripture i got from Jessalyn a few months before my mission and literally was written for missionaries. It talks about the sons of mosiah. the Lord called them to leave each other once again to go preach to the Lamanites, The Lord tells them that they must have patience in their afflictions and that they would be made examples to their brethren by enduring their trials. the best part is after this, it says they took up courage to go and do the work. they knew it would be absolutely hard. But they knew how important the work was and that they´d be reuniited again soon. Solid mission scripture but i feel that it can applies to everyone. we all have trials. even when people seem like they dont, it just means they´re really good at hiding it. when we are in the middle of a trial, we dont think there´s an end. it seems impossible to endure and theres absolutely no way out. The Lord literally is the one who gives us trials. Why? to make us better. he takes away comfort and replaces it with pain because later on he is going to give something back even better. As members of this church we have a responsibilty and an obligation to lift one another and spread this work. if it were only up to the missionaries to be examples, it would be an impossible work. We all need to be the examples. We all need to recognize our weaknesses, know who their from, acknowledge by whom they can be made strong, and then go forward with what we´ve learned and take up courage to do what the Lord has asked of us. Like elder Holland said, "why should it be easy for us when it was never EVER easy for Him". i Love you all so much. this is easily the hardest thing ive ever experienced in my life. but, i know who called me and that fact alone is helping me crawl forward step by step. Trust in the Lord. He wont let you sink. 
Elder Brown

for pday last week we played futbol at this sweet turf field. afterward, elder crozier opened a package from home. here´s my emotional encounter with cheese sticks. i drew spongebob as a character from Dragon Ball Z. everyone is obsessed with the show here. and last but not least, MY SHOES.

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