Thursday, April 18, 2013

First Official Email 4/18/13

hola Familia!!!! como estan ustedes??? man it feels soooo good to be writing you guys. first, thanks for the cinnamon rolls mark, they were dang good and the boys in my zone devoured them. mother, i am alive and well. haha a dear elder every single day isnt necessary. i keep getting my hopes up thinking its like a female of my age range and, ope, mom. haha no im so grateful for the daily dear elders. glad im missed. so anyways this week has been insane. i know its only been like barely over a week but sooo much has changed. its unbelievable what happens here. we've already had five lessons with "Progressive investigators" completely in spanish and they taught us a bunch about how to listen to the spirit and just open our mouths.
so yesterday, i was acting as an investigator for a couple elders to practice teaching. they had me pray to know if the book of mormon was true right there in the lesson (which i can now do in spanish). but anyways, even though i was acting as an investigator, i still recieved an answer for myself. it was the first time like ever that i have recieved an immediate confirmation of the spirit. such an awesome experence.
so my district. i am blessed to have been placed in a district with elder CORWIN mcallister, and we sleep in the same room so we see each other all the time. im also with hermana (Xan) villalobos, a friend from byu last summer, and hermana (rachel) ray, who is a year older thna me but she was a diver at mountain view. so awesome. my comp was definitely in a shell at first but he is absolutely hillarious. his name is elder Schagel (pronounced like schedule). he's a total goob. he is 20 years old and he's from good old tucson arizona. good stuff. ill attempt to attach some pics of my district and what not if i can figure it out.
BIGGEST STORY OF THE WEEK: Elder Richard G Scott came and spoke at our tuesday night devotional. like what? i saw an apostle. it was up. as soon as the choir finished (which i was apart of), he got up and teary-eyed, said "i almost feel as if i've died and gone to heaven; being surrounded by so many missionaries" he proceeded to talk about how his mission is what has led to most of the blessings he has experienced in his life. he talked to us about praying and how we need to talk to our heavenly father as if we are talking to another person; have a conversation with him; tell exactly what you are feeling. he is our father who loves us perfectly. he finished his talk with an apastolic blessing on all of us there. he told us that those who are learning languages would MASTER (not just learn or get good at) our languages. he blessed us to have peace and that heavenly father wont ever put something on us that we can't handle. haha after the closing song he got up and walked right in front of the girl who walked up to give the prayer  and was like i want to share one last thing. he shared with us that "god called you to succeed.not to fail. it was awesome.
hahaha ryan couch is currently stroaking my hair and massaging me and told me to tell you and mark hi. so hey from elder couch.
so one of the hardest things is waking up here. it is unreal. an elder on our floor (elder vanderwerken) wakes up everyday and greets every single missionary and yells "Its a beautiful day!" im tryin to learn from him about 'Choosing to be happy". his comp told me to "fake it till you make it". act happy and you'll be happy. even though i reallllyyyy wanna punch something every day when i wake up. i realized we only have 730 days to make a difference. all the while the lord will  be making the differences that he needs to in us. gotta make the most of it ya know??
so ya the food here really does wreak havoc like they say it does. im adjusting though. and yes mom i am taking my vitamins every day. and my fiber gummies when im feelin it. this place is a healing center on its own. my first day here, my wart-wounds were like bleeding and crappy and like the next day they were healed up a bunch.
oh em gee drew is here right now massaging me! hahaha what a surprise
so shout outs
grandma connie- thanks for the advice and for the letter! loved it
maci-there were a bunch of crazy polynesian elders on my floor screaming. i went to see what they were doing and there were two elders doing hand stands and fighting with their feet. it was soo cool haha keep workin on them hand stands. never know when you'll have to use them.
alright well one week down, many to go. LOVE YOU
Elder bears brown

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